B0-R15 VC - Our Virtual Concierge. Meet our VR platform for the Hospitality Industry.


B0-R15 RE - Feel Your Future Home. Our VR Platform for the Real Estate Industry.


VZLZAR is AR for Everything! Try before you buy with our unique Web-AR Vizualization Platform.


Make your Exhibition Legendary! Meet our AR platform for Museums, Theme Parks, Art-Galleries etc...

We're an Immersive Tech Startup that creates FUTURISTIC solutions we can use TODAY.

Dimmersions was created in 2018 as a spin-off from the Immersive Department of Lim9, an Innovation Studio founded in Lisbon back in 2011.

Focused on the development of VR & AR solutions, Dimmersions is dedicated to the creation of plug & play products that can be used and understood by any business in the same way as a TV, a fridge or a WEBSITE.

Making use of a "Holistic Platform" approach - building products that go from content creation to final user delivery - we're betting on the "fiery fusion" of XR, AI and the Blockchain to create solutions that can disrupt whole industries.

Now part of the International Ecosystem of VR/AR, Dimmersions is a constant in some of the biggest Immersive events in the world.

Our Products

b0-r15 Virtual Concierge logo

B0-R15 Virtual Concierge - "TRY before you TRAVEL" - Roomscale VR for Hospitality with an ever-growing library of 360 and 3D Scanned content for hotels and travel agencies to showcase to their clients.

b0-r15 Real Estate logo

B0-R15 Real Estate - "Feel your Future Home" - Roomscale VR for Real Estate either by seeing 3D models of unbuilt houses or 3D scans of current buildings that can even be generated from Video tours!


VZLZAR - "WebAR for Everything" - from E-commerce to AR Packaging and Remote Assistance with a "Holistic" approach from model creation to content distribution and 3D visualization.

LegendAR logo

LegendAR - "Make your Exhibition Legendary" - WebAR for Exhibitions and Museums with Personalized Virtual Tours, Gamification and AI


Since starting out in 2018 we've already BUILT AND SOLD 4 products for 4 different industries and each of them is already in use or current implementation by real-life clients.

What that means is that unlike other start-ups, Dimmersions is currently profitable.

Through our "sister company" Lim9, an Innovation Studio founded in 2011, we also had the chance to build custom XR experiences for such brands as Sonae, La Vie Group, Multi Group, Fiat-Chrysler group, Global Media Publishing, Madeira Promotion Bureau, etc...

Led by Candy Flores (Co-founder and CEO) and João Moreira (Co-fonder and CTO) our team is made of a small group of very talented and versatile professionals and is a big part of the VR/AR Ecosystem in Portugal having had Speaking participations in some of the biggest XR Events in the world.

We have data to prove our products work and can generate actual value and ROI for all the industries they are targeted for.

We're looking for investment to scale our commercial operations and enter new markets as well as reinforce our R&D efforts to further improve our current products as well as create new ones.


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E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +351 291 630 117 | +351 938 792 382

Rua das Hortas 11, 5th floor, 9050-024 Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal



Para comemorar o Dia Internacional dos Museus, a Câmara Municipal do Funchal decidiu levar até si o Museu de História Natural do Funchal mas desta feita de uma forma especial: com REALIDADE AUMENTADA.

Assim, em parceria com a Agência Digital Lim9 e usando o LegendAR (uma solução WEB de Realidade Aumentada para museus criada pela Start-Up Dimmersions) foi criado um "Micro-Museu" contendo 3 "Exposições Cápsula" que expõem 3 espécies de aves icónicas da Região Autónoma da Madeira em 3 DIMENSÕES.